10 Unlimited Best Web Hosting World

Unlimited web hosting? That is the hosting provider does not limit the amount of storage and bandwidth that customers use, in theory you can use as much hard drive and bandwidth as you like. Those who know about hosting business often call these providers “overselling” or “oversold”. So what is the nature of unlimited web hosting and whether it is quality or full of lemma!

According to their understanding, Unlimited hosting concept and service is the main purpose of advertising, it helps customers do not feel limited about the service they spend money on, unlimited hard drive, Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited add-on domain, unlimited mysql database, a very free, comfortable feeling (feeling unconscious in the sense?). That’s what customers like.

A server hard drive usually has a capacity of 500Gb or 1000Gb depending on the type of drive. If a client runs out of hard drive space (because the commitment is Unlimited), then the vendor will no longer have the hard drive for the customer. other. While to make a profit, a server must consist of several hundreds to several thousands of customers.

That shows that not storing space is not feasible.
However, this is not entirely false, if a company says you can use unlimited hard drive, it means you can use about 15Gb-20Gb hard drive according to your experience, In addition to helping customers feel free, it also allows customers to use a little more of the storage they need.

For example, a hosting company says it will sell you hosting package A for $ 5 / month with 10Gb of storage and 200Gb of bandwidth so you can not use 10Gb of storage, assuming you need 12Gb of storage then you have to contact To pay more.

In this case, if you use Unlimited hosting you will not have any problems.

With an Unlimited hosting company, if you use a lot of bandwidth and bandwidth then what will happen?

When buying a web hosting to use, the customer should pay attention to the following, and the hosting provider will also limit the following:
1. Percentage (%) of CPU an account can use.
2. The amount of RAM an account can use.
3. Number of storage (GB).
4. The amount of bandwidth (GB).
Number of files per account (Inodes).

If the provider says unlimited storage and bandwidth then they will limit CPU, Inodes, RAM.

In case your account does not use too much CPU and RAM but they store too much, they still give some reason to ask you to upgrade to Dedicated server or force you to delete the file if not lock the account.

However, not all of the Unlimited hosting providers are lousy, you can still find good Unlimited hosting providers because they have good network infrastructure, highly configurable and highly configurable server systems. Experiences in coordinating, rational customer management.

So Unlimited hosting is right for you?
Depending on what your needs are, if you have a lot of websites with moderate traffic you should use Unlimited hosting, or if your website is just HTML, then you can use Unlimited hosting, but with websites. With high traffic about 1000 visits per day, an Unlimited hosting like Hostgator only contains about 2-5 sites (optimized).

It is easy to see the concept of Unlimited hosting aimed at the customer segment is the beginner blogging, web. Sometimes a customer uses less than 100Mb for their website and thousands of customers use only a few dozen Gb, which is a huge profit of the hosting provider.

Some experienced bloggers say that you should extract 10% of the profits from your website for hosting, server. If you earn 1000usd/ month from 1 website then you should invest 100usd / month for hosting / server.

Personally, I still believe and appreciate the hosting providers give a specific parameters of Space and CPU rather than Unlimited all.

Here is the best Top 7 Unlimited Hosting in the world.

1. Hawkhost.com
Hawkhost is a Canadian company that provides hosting services primarily in the US, Europe and Asia. Since Hostgator was acquired by EIG, almost all of its customers have dropped out on Hostgator, including Vietnamese bloggers and webmasters. The destination is Hawkhost then Stablehost.

Hawkhost also uses the advanced web server platform, Litespeed and CloudLinux, in addition to free CloudFlash. I especially like the Litespeed PHP caching function of Hawkhost, which makes the web page extremely fast, plus SSD hard drive, Hawkhost is the number one choice today.

2. Godaddy
Godaddy has many services related to domain name and web hosting, please visit http://godaddy.com

In the past, I hated hosting Godaddy because of crappy use, or miscellaneous error, use also uncomfortable because Godaddy not use Cpanel. But Godaddy recently learned of their bad and switched to Cpanel, plus Godaddy has a stable network infrastructure strong, probably money from selling domain so server is quite terrible. In short, it’s pretty much been praised recently.

Godaddy also uses CloudLinux and CageFS to increase system stability and security for client websites.
The price is good, not too expensive and of course cheaper Hostgator, also free domain when buying hosting again.
The best coupon to buy Godaddy hosting is $ 1 hosting / month + free domain. This Godaddy hosting package is only for 1 domain, not add domai add-on so if you count as multiple sites on one host this is not feasible. The host is also delicious, the APC cache is quite fast, but the $ 1 / month looks just for the first year.

3. A2Hosting
A2Hosting has services other than shared hosting including, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Server

This A2Hosting sounded “dewy peach” because it uses SSD hard drive, but unlimited, RailFuner’s CloudFlare’s Railgun Optimizer function so well, the price is not very high ($ 7.46usdx12) -35 % = $ 58usd / year.

4. Dreamhost.com

Dreamhost’s services include: Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.
Needless to say, in Vietnam DreamHost is equally well known Hostgator.
The advantage is server terrible, 100% uptime guarantee, free domain, 97 days Money Back Guarantee (meaning after 3 months of use you are not satisfied, still cancel the service and claim a refund).

This price is not cheap, but using the coupon and then also, the foreign buyer is reduced $ 97, that is more than $ 10 / year. Cheap as duck. Buy from Vietnam to hear $ 50 off.

Its best coupon: HOSTOT (Free 1 domain, free 1 IP and $ 52 discount)

5. GreenValueHost
GreenValueHost has services CloudHosting SSD Hosting, VPS SSD Hosting, Reseller SSD Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

I also know this site but feel very impressed with the parameters that “he” put out. LiteSpeed web server, Cpanel, CloudLinux, SSD Full, Varnish Cache, 100% Uptime Guarantee, Never Overloaded Servers, 45 Days Money Back Guarantee.

At $ 7.25 a month you will have all the Unlimited, coupon will be reduced by 45% recuring, if the above parameters are true and the quality of service, support is good, this supplier is very respectable.

6. Arvixe.com

Arvixe services include: Personal hosting, Business hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Hosting.
This is actually the server with the worst server configuration ever seen, the weakest server to 92Gb Ram and at most 256Gb Ram, using full SSD for operating system, Mysql and PHP.

For two consecutive years in the top 500 Inc 500 companies (the most developed private companies of the year).
Recommended site Joomla.org (when downloading Joomla).

Arvixe especially offers Windows hosting.

At $ 7 / month it’s not that high, with a 40% discount it’s perfectly acceptable.

7. InterServer.net
InterServer Services: Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server.
A few years ago I got to know InterServer in a read hosting review on Web Hosting Talk, InterServer also open the camera on the website for their data center http://www.interserver.net/teb2camera.php.

Mike – the founder of the company is a very good system engineer, InterServer very famous in the WHT forum. InterServer has its own built-in Linux kernel for use on their systems, they also have their own data center, but do not rent anywhere, they have their own national fiber optic cable. Because of the complete autonomy of many such technology, server services in particular and other hosting services of InterServer are of top grade, good quality and high reputation.

Back then, InterServer provided only Server services but in recent years added Shared hosting, VPS hosting and Reseller hosting services.

Unlimited all Shared Hosting at InterServer is only $ 4.45 usd / month ~ $ 53.46 / year, no names like CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, but the speed and stability of InterServer is great, because the built-in Linux kernel is knowledgeable and dark. Optimize their system from needing to discuss.

If you develop a website with long-term strategy, you should use InterServer because from shared hosting to VPS or Dedicated Server is supported from A-Z. Especially server at InterServer is affordable that very well.