InterServer Hosting Provider Cheap VPS Used is a world-renowned hosting provider, highly regarded for its quality and price. Here special offers Windows Hosting and cheap licensed VPS, only $ 5 / month for Windows hosting and $ 10 / month for Windows VPS (1GB Ram package)

There are many cheap VPS services available for you to choose from, but most free Linux operating systems are available for non-professionals, and especially if you need VPS to run Windows software. It is not possible to use Linux.

Overseas vendors are absolutely copyright-bound, so if you want to install Windows on VPS or hosting, you’ll need to purchase a few tens of dollars a month, which can be many times the cost of a VPS. So InterServer is a great choice among the very few Windows Hosting providers and cheap VPS today.

Remarkable parameters:

– Use a new generation SSD hard drive for great speed
– There are both VPS OpenVZ and KVM, Windows VPS package uses high-end virtualization technology KVM
– Locations spread throughout the world (Los Angeles, New York, Houston, London and Hong Kong)
– There is Windows license, free to choose the Windows VPS package (only from $ 10 / month package 1GB ram)
– Free 1 IP and can add up to 5 IP for just $ 1 / month, great for building satellite sites for doing SEO.
– Support 24/24 and very professional
– Quality is appreciated by users, fast and stable.

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