Interserver Coupon is a world-renowned hosting provider, highly regarded for its quality and price. Here special offers Windows Hosting and cheap licensed VPS, only $ 5 / month for Windows hosting and $ 10 / month for Windows VPS (1GB Ram package)

There are many cheap VPS services available for you to choose from, but most free Linux operating systems are available for non-professionals, and especially if you need VPS to run Windows software. It is not possible to use Linux.

Overseas vendors are absolutely copyright-bound, so if you want to install Windows on VPS or hosting, you’ll need to purchase a few tens of dollars a month, which can be many times the cost of a VPS. So InterServer is a great choice among the very few Windows Hosting providers and cheap VPS today.

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– Use a new generation SSD hard drive for great speed
– There are both VPS OpenVZ and KVM, Windows VPS package uses high-end virtualization technology KVM
– Locations spread throughout the world (Los Angeles, New York, Houston, London and Hong Kong)
– There is Windows license, free to choose the Windows VPS package (only from $ 10 / month package 1GB ram)
– Free 1 IP and can add up to 5 IP for just $ 1 / month, great for building satellite sites for doing SEO.
– Support 24/24 and very professional
– Quality is appreciated by users, fast and stable.

More details on InterServer VPS plans

Cloud (1)
Cloud (2)
Cloud (1)
Cloud (2)
CPU Cores1212
Memory1024 MB8192 GB1024 MB8192 GB
SSD Storage25 GB200 GB25 GB200 GB
Monthly Data Transfer1 TB8 TB1 TB8 TB
cPanelAdd $10/moAdd $10/moAdd $10/moAdd $10/mo
FantasticoAdd $4/moAdd $4/moAdd $4/moAdd $4/mo
Unique IPAdd $1/moAdd $1/moAdd $1/moAdd $1/mo
Monthly Cost$6/mo$48/mo$10/mo$80/mo
VPS LocationsSecaucus, NJ / Los Angeles, CA / Houston, TX / London, UK / Paris, FR / Hong Kong, CN

Highly customizable VPS hosting plan

interserver os choice

50% Off Cloud VPS

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